Final Poster Session


Poster Title Authors and Affiliations
A Wideband Small Antenna for RFID Applications Mehdi Si Moussa (Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, Canada); Ammar Kouki(École de technologie supérieure, Canada)
Deployment of a Mobile RFID system to support Continuous Commissioning and Facility Management Zixiang Cong (University College Cork, Ireland) 


Local Real-time Neural Networks-Based Learning for Tracking in an RFID Tag Field Victor K.Y. Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA); Nitin Vaidya(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA); Roy Campbell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
A Unified RFID Data Anonymization Platform Rui Chen (Concordia University, Canada); Benjamin C. M. Fung (Concordia University, Canada)
Fingerprinting RFID Tags Using Timing Measurements Baha’ Alsaify (University of Arkansas, USA); Dale R Thompson (University of Arkansas, USA)
Building an Assessment Framework for RFID Data Discovery Service Architectures Miguel L Pardal (IST – Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal); José Alves Marques (IST – Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Near Field Backscatter for In Vivo Biotelemetry Jordan Besnoff (Duke University, USA); Matthew Reynolds (Duke University, USA)
Advanced RFID Technologies for Nuclear-Related Applications Han-Chung Tsai (Argonne National Laboratory, USA); Brian Craig (Argonne National Laboratory, USA); John Lee (Argonne National Laboratory, USA); John Anderson (Argonne National Laboratory, USA); Yung Liu (Argonne National Laboratory, USA); James M. Shuler (US , USA)
The RFID Antenna with Forward-Directed Radiation Pattern for a portable Reader Ki Hak Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea)
Multi-layer Real Time Locating System for a Port Logistics Environment Yeonsu Jung (Pusan National University, Korea); Yunju Baek (Pusan National University, Korea)
RFID in Shipbuilding – Proposed Case Study Involving Shipyard in Brazil Nelson Lopes Duarte Filho (Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil); Silvia Botelho (Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil)
Antenna Design for the RFID Tag Having Directional Radiation Patterns Sungwoo Jun (University of Science & Technology, Korea); Ki Hak Kim(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea); Jong-Heung Park (ETRI, Korea)
Asset Health Monitoring Juan Valencia (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
Retrodirective Array Phase Modulator for Low-Power Communications Gregory Koo (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Yenpao Lu (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, USA)
Hybrid RFID-Barcode Model and System Architecture for Postal Roll Cage Management Sungwoo Jun (University of Science & Technology, Korea); Ki Hak Kim(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea); Dong Ho Kim(ETRI, Korea)
RFID Firearm Safety Mechanism Christopher Valenta (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Michael S Owens(Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA); David McGuinness (Georgia Tech Ireland, Ireland); Joe Dowling (Georgia Tech Ireland, Ireland)
Multivariable passive RFID vapor sensors: Pilot-scale manufacturing and laboratory evaluation Radislav Potyrailo (General Electric, USA); Andrew Burns (General Electric, USA); Nandini Nagraj (General Electric, USA); Cheryl Surman (General Electric, USA); William Morris (General Electric, USA); Tang Zhexiong (General Electric, USA); D. J. Lee (Avery Dennison, USA); Edward McGinniss (Avery Dennison, USA); Ian Forster (Avery Dennison, USA); Harry Watkins (Avery Dennison, USA); Jack Farrell (Avery Dennison, USA)
Shield Impact and Limitation of the Body Effect on a UHF RFID Rectifier Gary Seigneuret (IM2NP, France); Emmanuel Bergeret (IM2NP, France); Philippe Pannier (IM2NP, France)
Integrating Linear Programming and RFID to Track Trucks in the Routing Samuel Silva (Flextronics Institute of Technology, Brazil); Antonio Batocchio(University of Campinas, Brazil)
3D-Vision Recognition Assisted by Smart Tags Carlos Cerrada Somolinos (UNED, Spain); Enrique Valero (UNED, Spain); Ismael Abad Cardiel (UNED, Spain); Jose Antonio Cerrada Somolinos (UNED, Spain)
Dual Antenna Passive/Semi-passive UHF RFID Tag Design Hsin-Chin Liu (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan);Wang-Chi Lin (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan);Ming-Yuh Lin (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
On the Modeling of Framed Slotted Aloha Anti-Collision Protocols for RFID Systems Emad Felemban (Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia)
Micro-Magnetic Radiators for RFID Tags Daniele Trinchero (Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Mauro Marroncelli (IXEM Labs – Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Riccardo Stefanelli (Politecnico di Torino – iXem Labs, Italy)
NASA Inflatable Applications for RFID Sensors William C Wilson (NASA Langley Research Center, USA)
Altering Boundary Conditions to Enable Thin Metal Tag Placement Isaac Ehrenberg (MIT, USA)
Transmit Diversity for Backscatter RFID: Preliminary Results Azhar Hasan (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Chenming Zhou (Disney Research lab, USA); Joshua D Griffin (Disney Research Pittsburgh, USA)
Using Interference to Block RFID Tags Rasmus Krigslund (Aalborg University, Denmark); Petar Popovski (Aalborg University, Denmark); Gert Pedersen (Aalborg University, Denmark); Kim Olesen(Aalborg University, Denmark)
Hajj: A Large Scale RFID System Emad Felemban (Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia)
Position Tracking of an Active RFID Tag Using Magnetoquasistatic Fields Darmindra D Arumugam (Carnegie Mellon University, USA); Joshua D Griffin(Disney Research Pittsburgh, USA); Daniel Stancil (North Carolina State University, USA); David Ricketts (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
New way for low cost UHF RFID Tag Camille Ramade (IES UMR5214, France); Sebastien Silvestre (IES UMR5214, France); Frederique Pascal-Delannoy (IES UMR5214, France); Brice Sorli(Montpellier University, France); Matthieu Picon (TAGEOS, France); Nicolas Jacquemin (Tageos, France)
Increasing the Robustness of RFID Systems using a Probabilistic Business Process Model Michael Goller (RF-IT Solutions GMBH, Austria); Markus Brandner (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
Wireless Power Transfer in RFID Sensors via Magnetic Resonance Olutola Jonah (Florida Int’l University, USA); Stavros Georgakopoulos (Florida International University, USA)
RFID Reader Antenna Placement in 3-D Space Jullawadee Maneesilp (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA); Anthony Mai(University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA); Nian-Feng Tzeng (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA); Hongyi Wu (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA)
Facilities Management for Smart Building Operations using WSN and passive RFID Technologies Farhan Khan (University College Cork (UCC), Ireland); Karsten Menzel (University College Cork (UCC), Ireland)
Implantable Radio Frequency Identification Sensors: for treatment of neurological disorders Chris Hutchens (Oklahoma State University, USA); Robert L Rennaker(University of Texas at Dallas, USA); Tamer Ibrahim (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Infrastructure for Building Enhanced RFID Sensor Networks Michael P Buettner (University of Washington, USA); Alanson Sample (University of Washington, USA); Joshua R. Smith (University of Washington, USA); David Wetherall (University of Washington, USA); Benjamin Greenstein (Intel Research Seattle, US